Tate Britain, Millbank

Duration: 2 weeks

Tate Britain is an art museum in the City of Westminster in London. Tate Britain hosted Anthea Hamilton’s ‘Squash’ exhibition in the Duveen galleries of the London museum. Johnson tiles donated the tiles for the exhibit, and various magazines provided coverage, including Vogue, Dezeen, and the Guardian.

We completed the tiling works for the showcase, laying over 7,000 white ceramic tiles to span the length of the Duveen galleries. Also, we constructed and tiled a series of large encased structures that served as podiums for artwork hand-selected by Hamilton from Tate’s collection. The project was time-sensitive and involved lots of moving parts. Therefore, the work required our expertise and experience to ensure we completed the project within the 2-week timeframe.

The sea of white tiles serve as the canvas for the exhibition. We utilised a grid formation to create an elegant backdrop for the show performed by a single character dressed in a squash-like costume.

Tate Britain 5
Tate Britain 4
Tate Britain 1
Tate Britain 2
Tate Britain 1