Holywell Row, Shoreditch

Property Size: 1,226 SF

We had the pleasure of painting this 2-bedroom flat located on Holywell Row in Shoreditch. The space occupies the lower ground floor of a grand townhouse.

When the owner got in contact with our team, he was in the process of completing the purchase of the flat. It was a first home, and he wanted to put his stamp on the place. As a result, he decided to paint the entire flat and change the current colour palette of the space. He wanted to create a modern and sleek look, emphasising the abundance of natural light in the apartment. As a result, he selected a neutral colour palette to achieve this aesthetic, with paints from Farrow & Ball.

As you enter the transformed flat, you are greeted by the open-plan kitchen and living room. We painted the walls of this room in Wevet by Farrow & Ball, with the ceilings and woodwork in white. This choice of colours gives the room a calming and contemporary look. For continuity, this colour scheme continues to the rest of the apartment except for the second bedroom. We painted this bedroom in Lamp Room Grey by Farrow & Ball, breaking up the interior and giving the room a more sophisticated look.

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