Glenfarg Road, Catford

Property Size: 2,600 SF

We painted this charming three-bedroom located on Glenfarg Road in Catford. The project included painting the entire interior: living room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and bathroom.

The homeowner wanted to create a contemporary space full of character and charm. Therefore, we suggested painting the home using a bold colour palette consisting of dark blues and greens, neutral colours, and floral wallpaper.

The spacious property unfolds across three floors and combines light colours with striking finishes. Natural light pours through the skylight, reflecting off the white interior, filling the space, achieving a welcoming look that accentuates the home’s Victorian features that extend throughout the property. The adjacent living area has been painted in a bold dark blue to contrast the neutral hues, breaking up the interior and creating a striking look. Upstairs, each of the three bedrooms has been painted with bright colours to provide masses of light, creating a light and welcoming feel.

Glenfarg Road 1
Glenfarg Road 2
Glenfarg Road 3
Glenfarg Road 6
Glenfarg Road 8
Glenfarg Road 9
Glenfarg Road 10
Glenfarg Road 4
Glenfarg Road 5
Glenfarg Road 7
Glenfarg Road 11