Carlyle Mansions, Chelsea

Property Size: 2,250 SF

Our painters and decorators in Chelsea painted this stunning 4-bedroom apartment in the famous Carlyle Mansions on Cheyne Walk in Chelsea.

The job involved painting several rooms and hanging wallpaper in the bedrooms, hallways, and two reception rooms.

As you enter the apartment, you face a grand hallway that spans the length of the space, giving an unrestricted view of the property.

We painted the columns in the hallway with matte paint (originally silk) to complement the vinyl wallpaper.

Meanwhile, to the left of the hallway is the first reception room covered with pattern wallpaper that complements the Georgian style of the apartment.

On the other hand, we fitted the second reception with decorative wallpaper to give the room an antique and elegant look and feel. In contrast, the master bedroom is covered in beautiful silk wallpaper which gives the space a luxurious aesthetic.

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