Bericote, Fitzrovia

Duration: 4 weeks

Bericote is a team of real estate developers that specialises in the development of commercial facilities throughout the UK.

Bericote’s office is a 4-storey mews building that boasts character and charm. We completed the painting and decorating for the workplace consisting of the reception, meeting rooms, kitchen, lounge rooms, breakout spaces, and communal areas. The aim was to create a truly unique workplace encapsulated by bold colours, lavish touches, and luxurious finishes.

Bericote wanted to leave a memorable first impression on visitors to the office, epitomized by the impressive reception painted trademark blue and elevated by a large copper bar. Meanwhile, the boardroom is classicly decorated with a grey palette and finished with a bespoke Gustav Damask wall print that creates an elegant and distinguished look. Upstairs, Bericote wanted to create a lounge area that felt informal – we paired neutral colours with colourful wallpaper to create a relaxed space for Bericote’s clients. Overall the look and feel of the workspace is truly unique, capturing the essence of Bericote as a brand.

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